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Rates Starting At 5.49%

Loans From $5k - $50 Million

Funding In As Soon As 24hrs.

90% of small business loans are secured by real estate. 
Blue Oak Financial has the ability to find captial using  your business invoices.


5 Minutes


  Initial Application Requirment

Up to 3 months

The Progressive Differenc​e

Blue Oak Financial



45 Minutes

5 Mintues

  Time To Apply​​

Multiple page loan documents,
tax records and income statements

Minimal documents required



  Underwriter Decision

Same day funding available

  Funds Availability

How Can Blue Oak Financial Help Your Business?

Payment Schedule
Don't let customers extended pay schedules hurt your cash flow.
Real Estate
Obtain captial for 
Real-Estate purchase.
Young Company
Get funding for your
new business.
Fund new projects, bring on new customers and open new locations.
Operational Cost
Cover the gap
in payroll.


The Problem

The Solution

92% of small business owners are turned down by traditional bank loans.
Blue Oak Financial can get you captial from our partners that require little or no business credit or personal guarantees.
82% of small business owners state they are having more difficulty securing financing today than 1 year ago. 
Blue Oak Financial can get you the funding needed within 24 hours.
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